Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tradittional Scrapping

Hi all! I've got an idea that I'm gonna run with. My GOOD friend Cay (you can find her at: As you know I am also an avid traditional scrapper and card maker so I thought why not make a section to show ya'll what I'm doing along that line. So I'm gonna take pics of my traditional LO and cards that I make and post them as well. Cay thought this was a mighty fine idea, it came about when I expressed a wish that I could share my traditional scrapping with her. Cay lives half way around the world from me so she said to take some pics and we could photo share. Then it hit me. Why not post that stuff too! So this is my plan. As soon as Milisa gets to feeling better she is going to help me get my blog video thing going and everything set up. Please feel better soon hon. Everyone please send Milisa some get well wishes to make her feel better. Traci doesn't know it yet but I'm gonna rope her into helping me start another blog. LOL. This one is going to be about my life in general with my hubby, animals, and rest of my family. Should be interesting because my family has never been accused of being normal!!!! ROFLMBO!! I will be posting that link here after a bit. It may be a while yet, just so yah's know it's in the works. Okay tomorrow is scrap day. So I will be taking pics to post. Everyone have a great night and Friday I'll get on and let yah know what I did tomorrow. Night Night All! Hugs.

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