Friday, January 15, 2010


Well as you may have noticed a few things have been added. For starters, I've got my  very own blinkie!!!!! WOO HOO!!!!  It was made by Melisa and Ellen and I couldn't be happier, so  thank you sooo very much. Also  I have some  friends blinkies and others as well. What fun!  I also have a  QP for you to take, and will be posting a new QP  every week, well I'll really  try to post a new one every week. I'm only gonna leave it up for a few days so get it while you can!  I know my LO aren't uploaded yet but Milisa and I are going to  work on that  soon. I'm sooo  excited about getting them up!  Well time to go feed the horses so I'm outa here for now. Hugs to all. Hey Trac, Cay, & Milisa, thanks so much for everything, I can't  tell you what ya'll mean to me. I am sooo  blessed to have each of you for my friends. Love and Hugs!!

1 comment:

  1. You are important to us hun :-)
    We do care!