Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hi All

Hello everyone. Thanks for dropping in.  I have to tell you all that I have been playing with my Cricut and Love it!  I made the cutest cows, lambs, moose, all sorts of animals last night. I was playing with Stretch Your Imagination and Animal Kingdom. Both are fantastic.  I am planning on doing more tonight. I am getting ready to dive  right into my traditional scrapbooking and go with the idea of posting it here or maybe having another blog all together for just that.  Still toying with the idea.  Just want to shout out to my GF's! Hey, Cay, Trac, & Milisa. Love yah's and I really appreciate all you have done for me. You are ALL the bestest friends a girl could ask for. I'm sending you Hugs! :)  I made two cards last thursday with a masking tape technique. Cindy taught us how to do it. I wish she had a blog to show you all what wonderful things she creates. Still working on  getting her to do that.  She is an amazing scrapbooker and cardmaker.  If I can get her to start her own blog then she can share it all. Everyweek she comes up with something great. I have learned so much from her.  Have you all checked out the blogs of my "Peeps"? Traci, Milisa, and Cay have some amazing stuff on their  blogs that really should be looked at, you'll be sooo glad you did.  You three are amazing designers. I have learned so much from you also. So go check them out!!!!  Okay that is all I have for today. Everyone have a great day and I'll try to get back and post some more soon. Hugs.:)

Friday, January 15, 2010


Well as you may have noticed a few things have been added. For starters, I've got my  very own blinkie!!!!! WOO HOO!!!!  It was made by Melisa and Ellen and I couldn't be happier, so  thank you sooo very much. Also  I have some  friends blinkies and others as well. What fun!  I also have a  QP for you to take, and will be posting a new QP  every week, well I'll really  try to post a new one every week. I'm only gonna leave it up for a few days so get it while you can!  I know my LO aren't uploaded yet but Milisa and I are going to  work on that  soon. I'm sooo  excited about getting them up!  Well time to go feed the horses so I'm outa here for now. Hugs to all. Hey Trac, Cay, & Milisa, thanks so much for everything, I can't  tell you what ya'll mean to me. I am sooo  blessed to have each of you for my friends. Love and Hugs!!

Freebie Quick Page Icy Elegance

Quick page done from one of my layouts using Icy Elegance by Ms. Witchypoo Designs
You can get the QP here

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tradittional Scrapping

Hi all! I've got an idea that I'm gonna run with. My GOOD friend Cay (you can find her at: http://cayscreation.com/) As you know I am also an avid traditional scrapper and card maker so I thought why not make a section to show ya'll what I'm doing along that line. So I'm gonna take pics of my traditional LO and cards that I make and post them as well. Cay thought this was a mighty fine idea, it came about when I expressed a wish that I could share my traditional scrapping with her. Cay lives half way around the world from me so she said to take some pics and we could photo share. Then it hit me. Why not post that stuff too! So this is my plan. As soon as Milisa gets to feeling better she is going to help me get my blog video thing going and everything set up. Please feel better soon hon. Everyone please send Milisa some get well wishes to make her feel better. Traci doesn't know it yet but I'm gonna rope her into helping me start another blog. LOL. This one is going to be about my life in general with my hubby, animals, and rest of my family. Should be interesting because my family has never been accused of being normal!!!! ROFLMBO!! I will be posting that link here after a bit. It may be a while yet, just so yah's know it's in the works. Okay tomorrow is scrap day. So I will be taking pics to post. Everyone have a great night and Friday I'll get on and let yah know what I did tomorrow. Night Night All! Hugs.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Icy Elegance

Has it really been this long?

Hi everyone! Yep I'm actually here. Take a deep breath. LOL. I can't believe how long it's been since I've been on. This is my new years resolution to become a better blogger. ROFL! I've been busy getting some LO's and some QP's done. I'm gonna get them all up so you can see them. No, really I am. The holidays are over, well mostly. I still have 2 more Christmases to go so my tree is still up. At this rate it will be June before it comes down. ROFL. I don't know about the rest of you but I am about sick of this snow! I know we have had an easy winter but I'm over it. I do have to tell ya'll about my AWESOME Christmas though. My sister n law, Jude, the best! Her and Johnny got me my Cricut! I know, I couldn't even speak I was so thrilled. Trust me for me to be speechless is not the norm!!! I LOVE IT!!!! So thank you JuJu and Johnny!!!!! And my Hubby, got me my Muck boots. Okay I have been wanting these boots for a couple years now so I have warm and cozy feet!! My Step Mom and Gram got me my Xron 2.5! I know, it's amazing!!! JuJu and Johnny also got me 11 different ink pads and a bunch of acrylic stamps, my horse border for my dining room. My Aunt gave me 2 old Christmas ornaments one was hers that she got when she was nine and an ornament from my Uncle Sam from 1945! Plus she had one hand painted for us. Those are so special to me!! Plus she got me some odds and ends like double sided sticky tape, mounting squares, and a horse note pad. So I made out really really well this year!!!!!! I have so many things to play with. Thursdays are scrap day and I'm going to learn a new technique. Yeah!! Well now that I have told you my whole life story I think it's time I try to get some LO's posted! Thanks to all of yah's for dropping by and listening to me ramble on. I'll ttyl! Hugs!!!